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any portable media player that can play RMVB files?

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any portable media player that can play RMVB files?

I'm RMVB files heavy user. Although I'd found out that the k-multimedia player from Korea are pretty for handle almost all types of file format in this planet and act as a "green software", but I'm doubt when it write the settings as the registry into the computer.
I'm try hard to find a media player that can handle RMVB files directly. Any idea or you had found out? Don't feel shine to share with me. Thanks!

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MPlayer Portable

You can use MPlayer Portable to play RMVB file. Before you can play them, you need to download a codecs package from MPlayer official site, then unpackage it to the same directory of main executive file (usually is F:\PortableApps\PortableApps\MPlayerPortable\App\mplayer). You can replace F:\ as your USB drive.

Actually, you still can play RMVB file if you prefer K-MultiMedia KMP, you need to configure it to save configuration to INI file manully than write into registry. And you also need to copy some codecs files into KMP directory if you want to play RMVB file. The files name are Atrc.dll, Cook.dll, Drvc.dll, Pncrt.dll and Sipr.dll. If your computer can play RMVB file, then the files are already on your computer, search them, then copy to the directory.

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I'd download the MPlayer but doesn't work

I'd download the MPlayer codecs package and put into the directory you just mentioned above but it still doesn't work. Nevertheless, it shock me that it can handles less famous file type - FLV (as I know only Youtube recognise it) rather than RMVB file...

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FLV stands for Flash Video, so it can be played by any Flash based object. I believe you can also play it with a lot of video players, including VLC Portable
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As Ryan said, FLV is flash video. At this point, it's the most popular form of video on the web. RMVBs on the other hand are a real niche. A proprietary format only properly supported by one player (Real). And it really only caught on with anime collectors.

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Ya. Maybe you're right. Now

Ya. Maybe you're right. Now a day, Youtube (yet Google) had brought us into the FLVs world intensely contrast five & more years ago. Any closed sources of file type will be eliminated by another 'open folks'. This just like what was happened in the current Internet browsers wars...

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Actually you must put it in :\PortableApps\PortableApps\MPlayerPortable\App\mplayer\codecs for it to work
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nope not working

I downloaded the codecs from:

and put it in that directory, but still i only get sound when i try to play a .rmvb file Sad

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Ok John ur right

mostly anime characters use this format and also only Real Alternative plays it as far as i know. But the only way to do make is well to get Winamp lite or something.(Note this is buggy i never got it to work until i change my Codec pack ah few weeks ago). Ok well it could work but depends on who's computer ur using it on. It might just crash winamp.
Press ctrl+p to open winamp preferences. then from there go to input(under plugins)
From there look for Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder.
configure it and u should see this
at the end of the extension list input.
for realmedia files. u could also input
for MP4 video. winamp only supports MP4 audio ths is the only way to play it.

NOTE:- if the host computer does not have Real Alternative RealMedia player then it wont work. I think there is another way to do it but i never tried it

thats a direct link to how to do it.
Note: this does not work for .RAM playlist files or rstp:// streams

Hope that helped.

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Download and from:

put the contents (ignoring directory structure) into ...\codecs

The problem is with mplayer.exe (even the official 'MPlayer 1.0rc1 Windows' won't work). I am using sherpyas 'Official 1.0rc2 Release (no patches)' which you can find here:

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you can go to Zamzar
and they can convert the file and then you can watch it.

Please search before posting. ~Thanks

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usb rmvb portable media player at last

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