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Pidgin: Some Section of Gaim is not Portable

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Pidgin: Some Section of Gaim is not Portable

Some section of gaim is not portable
for example:
-Each account icons
--Main Icon (It can not browser for icons relative)

-Log (It will use windows/system foler and can not use relative path to hold logs)

When i set my account icons and then use another computer my gaim will report error that file not found and i just find config files on Gaim/app/ an xml file that hold configuration and then remove files.

I think it do not work full with relative path

John T. Haller
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Yes and No

By not portable, you don't mean it's stored on the local PC (it isn't), you mean the paths are updated. And, yes, this is a known issue with the current release. It's being fixed in the next release.

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