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are these add-ons portable compatible?

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are these add-ons portable compatible?

Adblock Plus
CookieSafe 2.0.6
DOM Inspector
DownloadHelper 2.3
Fast Video Download
FireFTP 0.96.4
FlashGot 0.5.99
Japanese-English Dictionary for rikaichan 1.04
Names Dictionary for rikaichan 1.04
Page Update Checker 0.3.1
PDF Download 0.8.1
Rikaichan 1.00
SessionSaver .2
Tab Counter 1.2
Timestamp 0.5.1
User Agent Switcher 0.6.10
VideoDownloader 1.1.1


José Pedro Arvela
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Don't know very well

But for Download Helper you have to tweak it a bit, because it saves it info on [drive letter]:/Documents and Settings/[user]/dwhelper.
You can tweak it changing were it saves it info on its options.
You can chose a folder and then, if you're using it on a portable device remove the drive letter, ex:

imagine that you saved it to:
"F:\PortableApps\dwhelper" for example

for saving always to that folder on other computers just remove the drive letter:

that will make that download helper saves it settings to that folder on the drive were it is.

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