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[Theme] WD Passport and Vista USB

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[Theme] WD Passport and Vista USB

Hi PortableApps Users,

The other day I decided to create two themes for PortableApps MOD. One for my portable harddisk, WesternDigital Passport II 120GB and one for my USB-stick Apacer Steno. I hope you like them, I do Smile

Have Fun!
The Netherlands

Screenshot - WD Passport Theme
Screenshot - Vista USB Theme

Don't mention the loadbar I ran the portable apps menu from my local computerdrive Wink

Download Themes [RAR Archive]

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I'm using a WD Passport 120

I'm using a WD Passport 120 gig drive that came in a different case, but that is a nice theme. (BTW, it looks like you have a lot of empty space on that 160 gig drive!)

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How install

How can I install, activate or however themes in PortableApps. I don't find any notes or any folders in there.


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you unpack it...

then go to folder "app">default> and replace all of that with the pics,backrounds and icons that came in the archive. i dont know if this is the same in beta 4 but that is how it is explaned in beta2+ and i dont think that it has changed. and yes i am going to try to get beta4 but i always forget whenever i have the oportune.

P.S. john is working on an installer and PAM specific themes(a theme file that would be "whatevertheme.patheme).


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Vista USB Theme

Could you post the .RAR file again, because wen i want to open it is says it's not available. Thanks! L digital

Hello! i'm from holland!

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Does anybody have this?? - If so, can we get another dl link...this looks real nice!

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If anyone has it, i'll put

If anyone has it, i'll put it on esnips so people can get it. Thanks

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