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Help with creating

Hi guys,

Recently I've been very addicted to the whole portable app thing, even looked into virtualization and all that business.

I'm currently using SpeedCommander as my file manager and I love it so I had the bright idea of trying to make it portable. Unfortunately I'm not talented enough to figure out all the settings to get it working right from reading the templates and other .nsi source codes!

This program basically just runs everything from a directory but it also makes 2 registry entries as well as all settings are stored in %appdata%. Is there anyone out there who can point me to the right direction on how to edit the template nis file to make this app portable? Should I just export the registry settings to a Registry.reg? How do I go abouts making sure that changes that usually would be made to %appdata% now be made to the portable drive instead?

Thanks a lot.

Ryan McCue
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Try getting a copy of my Rocks'n'Diamonds Portable and change the appropriate lines. You'll need to change the line !define LOCALSETTINGSFOLDER "$DOCUMENTS\Rocks'n'Diamonds" to !define LOCALSETTINGSFOLDER "$APPDATA\TheFolder"
Once that's done, email a copy of your code along with which registry entries to cubegames[at]
Ryan McCue.
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