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Add item to PAM menu to launch EXE?

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Add item to PAM menu to launch EXE?

Is there a program that can be added to the PAM menu and launch an EXE? I tried PortaLaunch but it doesn't seem to be working. The splash comes up for a short while, less than a tenth of a second I'd say, and it crashes without launching my app.

I'm wondering if I'm doing this right. I have a directory under Apps called {foobar2000} and then I'm trying to launch the foobar2000.exe but to no avail.

Example, launching Foobar2000

; See Other\PortaLaunchSource\Docs\inisettings.txt

Description={EssentialPIM Portable 2 - Free PIM software.}

Can anyone help me with this, or is there another means or another program to do this? Thanks in advance.


[EDIT]: By the way, this is the second program I've tried. Both are completely portable, at least the first program is, and I've heard that Foobar is. But that seems irrelevant to me.... Anyways. Thanks