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Portable Networking system?

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Portable Networking system?

At home I have a laptop and a desktop PC, and they're on a wireless network, as is so often the case. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to go through hell to set up filesharing properly.

I need something that can run off my USB drive (it's ok if it isn't portable, I'll just make a BAT registry wrapper) that will automagically configure my laptop and my desktop to connect to each other and to share a specific folder of my choosing (e.g., C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Share) on the home network, without opening security holes.

Any thoughts?

~nm35 {blog}

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VPN? SSH tunnel, then open

VPN? SSH tunnel, then open some kind of connection that way (FTP server?)

Not sure what it'd take to do the SSH tunnel...basically a poor-man's-VPN.

2000 Pro and XP Pro I know support VPNs natively...XP Home might not, along with other OSes (Your Mileage May Vary) but definitely an option.

nemric (not verified)
Good Idea

A VPN client like ipsec or openvpn to connect office while not at work ! whith certificate ...

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A portable vpn client

A portable vpn client supporting openvpn would be great.

nemric, there is already a portable vpn client for IPSec is called Linsys IPSec Tools

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