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public computer = no page load

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public computer = no page load

Hi, I have just started all this nomadic behaviour, simply because I am ditching my PC and am having to think of ways to get by using, eugh, public computers. FF on a USB seems good to me, especially with all the etx.!!!

Problem is IE's tools menu is blocked from access, and I cannot load the page in FF because I do not know the proxy settings. I have been scouring the net for a tool that can posibly get that info externally.

Can anyone help?


Samuel, uk

spiderman (not verified)
Try this

Gday, I had the same problem on the computers at uni. I spent about two weeks trying to get around it and almost fell off my chair when I worked it out. The following method worked for me, I hope it can be of some asistance, can you let me know if it worked or not? appologisies for the simplistic language in my explaination.

1. Open control panel

the control panel was blocked on the system I was using so I opened it by doing the following:

Click: Start
Click: Run
Type: control

2. If control panel is in category view:

Click: Network and Internet connections
Click: Internet options


If control panel is in Classic view:
click: Internet options

3. you should now be in the Internet properties dialogue

click: the connections Tab
Click: the Settings button

In the proxy server bit you should see a box for Address and a box for Port

note down the settings within each box

for example the system I used they were Address: "proxy" and Port: "8080"

4. You need to put this information into portable FF by doing the following. So firstly launch portable FF and then:

Click: Tools menu
Click: Options
Click: General
Click: Connection Settings
Click: Manual proxy configuration

Type in the address setting (the one you noted down earlier) into the "HTTP Proxy box" and the port setting into the "Port" box

Then tick the box labelled "Use this proxy server for all protocols".

Click: OK
Click: OK

you should now be ready to rock n' roll. Good luck, I hope it works

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John H. has this tool as well :-)
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