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A few ideas/suggestions

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A few ideas/suggestions

Here's my ideas/suggestions;
*SharpDevelop, the open source C#, and boo IDE.
*A portable calculator program
*A more light weight WAMP (120mb+ is a lot of space)
*Paint.NET, easier to use then GIMP.

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First of all, some of your

First of all, some of your requests have been discussed previously, please SEARCH before posting.

However, I can't recall a Calculator request before (the limits of jellyware), so I can suggest you consider Free42 (just google it), which is a software re-implementation of an HP42S calculator, with printer, that I use portably. I'm not sure of the license, but the sources for Win, Linux, and PalmOS are posted on the website. There are links to Mac, PocketPC, Zaurus, and Nokia versions as well.

Patrick Patience
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For a calculator.

Search the forums for "TTCalc Portable" it works great. Smile

And as for Paint.NET, it requres the .NET framework to be installed on the host machine, which usually isn't likely.

It's kinda scary when my desktop is messier than my room...

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Why not just create a shortcut to the built-in Windows calculator, "calc.exe"?
If you go to Start/Run and type in "calc", then you will get the calculator.
You could make a shortcut to calc and add that to your pendrive, that's what I did.
Or pkg it up like the Command Prompt Portable.

Somewhere there is a village missing an idiot.

Somewhere there is a village missing an idiot.

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