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Gimpshop Portable?

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Gimpshop Portable?

Whether you can make Gimpshop Portable?

Steve Lamerton
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the reason that GIMPShop has not been made portable is because it is many revisions behind GIMP itself. To save yourself time in the future I would recommend using the search tool in the top right of this site, most topics, including this one, have been discussed before! Smile


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John T. Haller
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Search Search Search Search

There's a big link at the top of the page you posted this on that says to search before posting. If you had, you'd have found out that:

1. GIMPShop is a dead project (Windows release hasn't been updated in over a year)
2. It's *WAY* behind GIMP (9 releases to be exact)
3. It's unstable as all heck and crashes on both my PCs and in both my virtual machines within about the first minute or two

So, it would be highly irresponsible to package it for portable release and encourage people to use it.

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