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Portable Firefox security

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Portable Firefox security

I have been using Portable Firefox for some time now. I am constantly using company computers or internet shops to access the web via Portable Firefox on my USB Stick. Are there any open source programs available to secure my web interactions from any Key Logging Programs or Administrator privileges that may gather sensitive data (as my online banking), while I am surfing?

Part 2 is it possible to use a Portable Virtual Keyboard while entering Sensitive data on websites to protect User Names, Passwords, and Account Details from the host computer while using Portable Firefox?

Primedius: WebTunnel or Stealth Surfer for example!


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Sniffer would still grab it

Virtual keyboards still send in keyboard events to the local OS, so you'd still be vulnerable.

If the connection is SSLed, then the network can't touch it.

Even if you setup and encrypted disc, as soon as you enter the password, the host OS has complete access to said disc and files.

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