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VLC: Leaves files in Recent Documents in start menu

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VLC: Leaves files in Recent Documents in start menu

When playing a file with VLC portable, either from the flash drive or from the local disk, it appears in the Recent Documents area of the start menu. This seems like an undesired behavior for a portable app and I believe that at a minimum it should be a possible option to disable or enable this behavior. I realize that this is most likely more applicable to the original VLC code, and not the portable version here. I do think this should be a common issue in many portable apps, and that files should not appear in Recent Documents.
Any feedback is appreciated

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I believe it is Windows that causes this, and VLC Portable can do nothing about this.
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It's an OS thing

Any time you open up any file through almost any program, Windows logs it in the "Recent Documents" (actual name varies with OS).

On Windows XP...

1) Right-click on the Start Button & go to properties
2) On the Start Menu tab, click the "Customize" Button
3) Click on the Advanced tab & Uncheck the "List My Most Recently Open Documents"
4) Click on the "Clear List" Button (just in case)
5) Hit the OK buttons (should be 2) to complete the adjustment

Please be aware that you'll need access to the control panel to do this... if you're locked out of it... you're out of luck

For other Windows OS's... your own your own.

The only other thing you could do is delete the entry from that list if it's something sensitive (or incriminating).


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Don't worry

Window$ (any version since 95) just creates a shortcut to that document, so, if the file was in the thumb drive, don't worry, people won't be able to open it; if the document was in the TEMP folder or on the host pc, the you should be worried. A quick fix is to, when removing the drive, right click on the taskbar and select settings (or options, I'm not using Window$ in English), the go to the second tab and select Erase Documents for the documents listed there to be wiped out, don't forget that you need to do that every time you plug in your thumb drive to a pc.

Don't forget that it won't erase any documents that you left on the host pc, that's up to you to take care of, this only erases the info of the last documents accessed.

EDIT: Even easier is to do steps 1, 2, 4, and 5 from TStodden.

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