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7-Zip 4.51

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7-Zip 4.51

I know that John - usually - does no beta versions.

BUT this one may be worth an exception since

a) 7-Zip v.4.42 is quite old meanwhile and
b) the actual 4.51 beta is not a "real" beta but an advanced version close to final (it runs veeery stable like all its predecessors and does - besides some new functions - contain lots of bugfixes over v.4.42)

Maybe worth the hassle of some pre-release Beta testing since it should be easy to update...

John T. Haller
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Nope, but it should work

It's quite a bit of extra futzing for beta versions (is the bug in the portable packaging or the app itself?). I only usually do the Mozilla apps to make it easier for testers. Buy you can copy the beta of 7-Zip into 7-Zip Portable and it should just work.

I'll be packaging the next release of 7-Zip once it goes gold.

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