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Thunderbord for U3 drives

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Thunderbord for U3 drives

I have just downloaded what I thought was an updated version of Thunderbird (v2) from the Portible Apps site.
It is not recognised when I use my U3 drive to load it. I stored it on my hard drive and it does not seem to be in the right forward.

Any offers of help

Tim Clark
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Not U3

If you downloaded it from this site, it is not a U3 version.
You can still use it on your U3 drive, as you can use any portable app, but it will not show up on the U3 Launchpad unless you do some tweaking.

Launch the program you downloaded from your harddrive and point it to your flash drive.

Give it its own directory, do not try to install it over the U3 version.

Copy your exiting profile over the profile in the new installation.


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