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Full sync?

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Full sync?

Firstly kudos to Steve for a top portable app. Toucan is exactly what I've been waiting for Smile

My only issue is that the synchronization utility does not really support 'full sync' between two folders where both may be considered the 'master'.

What is needed is a 'combined two way mirror' option which unfortunately adds the complexity of requiring a history of activity to resolve conflicts (such that deletions on the 'slave' are propagated on the 'master' rather than the file being recreated on the 'slave').

That said it would complete this damn funky little app!


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My 2 cents worth

Hi There,

Could this be achieved by simply using the mirror update feature and reversing the Master/slave drive labels depending on which folder has been updates more recently?

Just my 2 cents....

P.s. great app, but i agree with others when i say that the full sync feature would make this app soooooooooooo much better.


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