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Backup: Multiple Source Folders?

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Eric L
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Backup: Multiple Source Folders?

Kudos on the backup tool. Definitely an improvement over the 3 options that the menu backup tool gives us. (Any way to have the menu default to Toucan instead of PAB?)

Got one thought though. I notice that I can select a root folder for the backup source and then exclude files or folders in the list below. Any chance that I could just select multiple source folders? For example, I may have a bunch of folders on the drive, but really all I want to do is backup my PortableApps and my Documents directories. Would be easier if I could just select those instead of having to select the main folder and exclude everything else.



Steve Lamerton
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look into a way of doing this easily in a future version. As for integration with the PAM, I'm afraid not. Sorry for not replying sooner, I've been away.


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