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Shellfish Portable Beta 1.1 (Testers Wanted)

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John Bentley
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Shellfish Portable Beta 1.1 (Testers Wanted)

I added two new methods to Shellfish. Both are similar. You can read about them in the help file. You read me right, there is a help file for Shellfish now. There is also a status bar that tells you what window the text will be sent to.

If you have any suggestions for the help file or bug reports please post.

Download Link:

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to add the paf.exe extension.

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"Help" key generates runtime error

I gave it a quick try, but when I clicked the [Help] key I get the error:

AutoIt Error
Line 0 (File "X:\PortableApps\ShellfishPortable\App\Shellfish\Shellfish.exe"):

Local $langHelp = @ScriptDir & "\ShellfishHelp_" & $language & ".chm"
Local $langHelp = @ScriptDir & "\ShellfishHelp_" & ^ ERROR

Error: Variable used without being declared.


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