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toucan on desktop pc / without usb-device?

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toucan on desktop pc / without usb-device?

hey there,

toucan seems to be a great tool - just that one, that i need for my backup tasks on my desktop pc. without a portable device.
is toucan able to do this job completely? normally there should be no difference, or am i wrong?

for sad, my first test of this failed: when i try to sync two identical folder with each other, a deleted file in the one folder will not be deleted in the other folder by usinge the "mirror" mode. but i need differential backup abilities... .

any suggestions?

thanks and thumbs up for principially great program!


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No. There is no difference. It should work the same way off your HDD.

Which folder of the 2 was your "source" and which one was the "destination" folder?
If you use "mirror", it deletes everything in the destination and copies everything from source.
"Copy" does the same thing but without deleting the content of the destination folder.
"Update" is the same as "copy" but it only copies newer files.
"Equalise" is like running update in both directions, giving both of your folders the newest files.

So if you want to sync, I think "update" is the thing for you.

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Last seen: 16 years 9 months ago
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update? yes, but...

... the deleted file was in the source folder. "mirror" doesn't work without the preview mode! it starts and after a second it says "finished", but nothing was changed in the destination folder. when i choose the preview mode, it works fine.

with a real differential backup functionality toucan would be really great, because with greater folders, it takes a long time and produces stress for the hard disks, to delete the whole thing and copy it again. perhaps you would implement that in future, but it's only a shy wish Smile

thx for the explaination and regards,


Steve Lamerton
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shouldn't delete the whole thing and copy again, it is designed to be a real differential function. As for the preview bug, I know about that one!


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