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Menu not showing coorectly

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Menu not showing coorectly

Dear sirs,
I am using the portable apps menu on 2 systems : one "workstation" PC with 19" screen 1280*1024, and one notebook (ACER travelmate 653Lci) with a 15" screen at a resolution of 1400*1050. Whenever I use the menu on my workstation the menu shows correctly, whenever i show the menu on my notebook the menu shows "strange" (also in 1280*1024 resolution). I haev 19 programs installed
What do I mean by this :
The menu is (according to me)made out of 2 items : a background and the contents.
The contents is the list of installed programs on the left, the other list with documents, music, and search on the right, and on the bottom the status of the drive (%-age of drive used) with the "x" to exit the menu.
The background is the title bar with" logo, the grey backgroundcolour for the right menu, and the red bottom bar.
Well on my notebook, the bottom red bar that should contain the %-age of the drive used and the "X" are "shwon at the level of program 17, and this independed of the resolution I set my notebook on. But the "active" part is correct. By this I mean that i must click far below the red bottom bar in order to "activate" the "exit" button.
I do suppose this is a minor bug depending on my specific configuration. (I use a mobility Radeon 7500 video driver)

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Hi and welcome

Thats the "high DPI" bug and you can download a fix for it on the Suite page.

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Thanks for this never-ever-seen quick response.
The beta version works indeed "better", but I keep the developpers informed because (since it is beta) the are others issues. (Time heals all bugs)
As for the reason I posted this message I had no idea i was using 120DPI (sorry)

Thanks again.

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