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Can't run Portable Apps menu

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Can't run Portable Apps menu

Hello everyone! I'm new in this forum. I was trying to run PortableAppsMenu on my Windows ME with 1158x864 resolution and I get the error message below:
Portableappsmenu has caused an error in
Portableappsmenu will now close.

If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer.

Exception EOSError in module PORTABLEAPPSMENU.EXE at 0000DA65.
System Error. Code: 87.
The parameter is incorrect.


It was working with my Windows XP and I read in other posts that it is compatible with Windows ME. Please help me with this. Is there a fix available? I downloaded the base version of the menu since I downloaded other Portable Apps before and downloading the suite might reset my settings... I installed it in the root folder of my flash drive. I also tried copying it to my desktop and running it but it still won't work on my Windows ME but works just fine in Windows XP.

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Here, Search your error. Smile

For quick help, check out the Suite page and looks for the resolution fix.
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quite popular error.
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Errors PortalbleMenu in PreXP window$-versions

may be can solve your problem the patch for the PortableAppsMenu

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Thank you!

Thanks everybody! I will remember to search if ever I encounter errors in my PortableApps... Thanks again! The menu works perfectly now!

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