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auto close and eject

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auto close and eject

for those of you who don't know auto hot key is an open source portable hotkey app but it also does scripts. think of all the times you have had to quickly exit your apps and eject your drive. If someone were able to program a script that did that it would be a great tool for appers everywhere ! the url is make the world a better place!

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This would be simple to do,

This would be simple to do, However when you stick your USB device into different PC you dont always get the same Drive lettering for it.

Also if you where just to auto close and eject all USB device this would cause mayhem!

I would say the simplest way is still left click on new device and click safely remove device.

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Can somone explain to me

Can somone explain to me what happens when you "safely remove disk" as oposed to pulling the USB dribve out without using this feature but makingg sure the srive is latent.


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