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Restoration 2.5.14

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Restoration 2.5.14

In addition to's FreeUndelete, (which I just found through this site), I've used Restoration 2.5.14 by Brian Kato, link here. This program is also found on and It appears to run on just three files + a Readme.txt file, and as its primary function is recovering deleted files, it recommends running from a separate drive than the one you are trying to recover files from. Therefore, I don't think it would change anything on the hard disk. Anyone else want a look?

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Would be a cool program.
Is it open source?
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Note sure; could always ask... ;)

His e-mail is: (remove the # signs and spaces; hopefully this is still his e-mail)
bkato # @ # fli # . # freeserve # . # ne # . # jp

Do you want me to e-mail him, or would you guys prefer to do it?

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did you asked?

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I made this software portable to try...

Hey... Anyone has made contact with the original Author, Brian Kato???
I've been tried to find a new version and the original site, but did't can yet...
This is the sites I did find so far... - Probably the Author's original page in Geocities. - Actualy, one of the main results for a web search by this software.

Then, I made a version of this software in the Format just to me use this in my PA.c menu... if anyone want to help to beta test this, contact me by this post...

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