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Speeding up Firefox on slow Flash.

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Speeding up Firefox on slow Flash.

I've been experimenting with ways to speed up firefox Portable on slow Flash drives and the slow computers at Universities etc.

Here's my tricks:

Slow Flash:
-Remove any extensions and themes you don't use on the go, save them for your PC. This boost start up times drastically.
-Disable the disk cache, it's on your USB memory, its use is clogging up the drive for other read write operations firefox will want to do. This is done in "about:config", set "browser.cache.disk.enable" to "False". Keep the memory cache.
-Disable the history, another thing that writes to the USB memory every time you load a page.

Slow Computers:
-Don't use smooth scrolling.

If you have any others, please do share.

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Thanx for the tips, works

Thanx for the tips, works great.

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