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2D Barcode generator and reader

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2D Barcode generator and reader

Hi everybody! I feel as if I'm posting a lot of weird portable apps request but is there a portable application that could generate and read 2D barcodes such as QR Codes (used in Japan, scanned with mobile phones). I found a good program. Unfortunately it's in Japanese but it's free but I'm not sure if it's portable.

Even if you can't read Japanese there are some English text that you can read oh and the Windows 2000 and XP Versions work for 98,ME and vise versa.

I'm not sure if anybody else will find this useful but I'm actually using this one a lot. Not sure if it's portable though and my new PC seems to hate Japanese text support so I only see bars whenever I run the program. I can post a screenshot guide if you're interested but don't know Japanese.

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Hm... It seems that nobody

Hm... It seems that nobody can read the site you posted. Maybe the litle text in english... If you couldn't find out whether the App is Portable or not, i think nobody could do it more... I just know tat the Google Translator can translate japanese into english, so should do this and post an revised version of the text here. Maybe you get help than. Bad english because I'm german and just in the 9th form.

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Here is a link

with the google-translated page:
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