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Local Port 25 "stolen" by Thunderbird

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Local Port 25 "stolen" by Thunderbird


Running TB Portable and MiniRelay USB SMTP
. When TBP isn't up and I do a telnet localhost 25. It connects to the minirelay. When I start TBP my connection is lost. When I do another telnet I connect to the following WebMail ESMTP. This I think is the 'Hotmail WebMail TB extension. If I restart my TBP several times the connection to minirelay sticks.

Under my account settings everything is set to use my localhost ie minirelay.
I've the latest version of the webmail extension

I've checked my advance settings within Config Editor. All smtpservers are set to use minirelay.

What else can I do other than restarting my TBP several times, so that my mail gets sent via the minirelay localhost?



John T. Haller
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Bad Idea

Don't know about using minirelay, but I'd highly recommend against it. Your mail will be blocked by lots of folks without you ever knowing since it's originating from a dynamic IP address or an IP address marked by the provider as one that shouldn't be sending email.

Lists like the PBL are made to let admins block mail from IPs like these:

It's included in the Zen DNSBL, which is gaining in popularity:

It blocks zombied/hijacked machines, known professional spammers and dynamic IPs.

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