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Combine with PAM?

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Combine with PAM?

Toucan is a great program, however it would possibly be of more use if it became part of PAM. PAM already has a backup/restore to 7z files and such.
Has John or Steve ever considered merging its features into the menu?
Surely it wouldnt add too much bloat, theres already portableappsbackup that it could replace.

I hope you can see what angle im coming from here and what i mean.

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Nothing in this direction is planned, because Toucan is more advanced and thus rather for advanced users than Joe average. Toucans features are more complicated and advanced than PAM Backup, which is meant to be a simple, easy to use backup utility for everybody, PC-newbies included.
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No Way

As Simeon said, Toucan is intended for *advanced* users. It's way too easy for normal users to screw something up and wipe out their documents folder by not understanding how it works. Backup is dead easy to use and virtually impossible to mess up. A similarly-designed sync utility will be added in the future.

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