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MPlayer Portable 1.0 RC1 Pre-Release 1 question

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Tim Clark
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MPlayer Portable 1.0 RC1 Pre-Release 1 question

John et al,

In experimenting with MPP I suddenly realized that I have run it several times today from the executable itself and not the launcher! Is there anything I need to clean up?

We still don't have a MPP forum so I am posting here, hope that's okay, if not please move to beta or where ever it belongs.



Zach Thibeau
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No Not really. I think Mpui

No Not really. I think Mpui just redirects any settings that belong to mplayer to a special directory at it's exe directory. Usually Mplayer saves it's settings to the AppData folder but mpui eliminates that (At least as far as I know) If not it's as simple as using this variable of MPLAYER_HOME and giving it the redirect to the Data\Settings
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The launcher just copies MPUI.ini from MPlayerPortable\Data\settings to
\MPlayerPortable\App\mplayer before launching the actual App and back afterwards.
So just move them back to MPlayerPortable\Data\settings and it should be ok.

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