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what bout making a Guitar Tabulature-Editor Portable ? f.e. TUXGuitar

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what bout making a Guitar Tabulature-Editor Portable ? f.e. TUXGuitar

Name : TUXGuitar

Type: Guitar-Tablature Editor


License: GNU Lesser General Public License


Hi everybody...
I am often on the road at university or elsewhere, so i adore portables very much Smile ...i often get inspiration when my desktop isn't at hand, and my laptop fails batery after half an hour (old crappy thing it is)
So I would appresciate a portable Guitar Editor very much, as perhaps do a lot more creative ones Smile
TUXguitar seem convenient, because it is very easy to operate, has almost all necessary functions to compose (compared to GuitarPro, there are some operators missing that make the editing more comfortable) and is OPEN SOURCE...


It needs JAVA Runtime environment and a Sound package, which can both be downloaded for free ... i'm not sure whether JAVA might inflict some problems ...

Is it very dificult to make TUXguitar Portable ?

Thanks for your attention

Patrick Patience
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I've looked into it.

We would probally be able to work with the Java, but I don't think it's yet completely open source, and I don't think anybody will have a local sound package, and I don't know what the license on it is, but if it's not open source it couldn't be distributed. But maybe sometime.

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