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Suggestion - Look at SyncToy

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Suggestion - Look at SyncToy

I like Toucan and I am starting to migrate away from what I've been using... Microsoft SyncToy. SyncToy has worked very well for the year or so that I've been using it and I would like to suggest that it be reviewed for useful features. Just a few that I think would be very helpful are:

* option for checking file contents just in case size, date and time are same
* option to have overwritten files sent to Recycle Bin
* option to run all syncronization sets (or subsets) at one time
* review of the "sync" modes and clarification about deletions and renamed files
* a menu list of all of the available saved sync sets

I really like the "retain attributes" option. Thanks for all of the work!

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Sending anything to the

Sending anything to the recycle bin would make it "non-portable". This is because nothing deleted using the recycling bin is "gone". Windows just marks that space/file dumped to be overwritten later when the drive gets back around to that spot. It's very simple to recover anything put in and emptied from there.

Never use the recycle bin on anyones machine! Wink

Maybe have them directed to Eraser Portable.

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How so?

"Sending anything to the recycle bin would make it "non-portable"."

How so? Safely-deleted content stays with the drive, preserved in a hidden folder named $RECYCLE.BIN. When you move the drive to another computer its recycle bin updates to include the safely-deleted content on that drive. I don't think any trace is left on the host computer once the drive is ejected.

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Point Taken

Point taken on the recycle bin. The counterpoint is that people make mistakes and options are good for customizing to an individual's needs. Sometimes it might be better to leave a trace than to regret that button press.

Anyway, SyncToy has some very nice capabilities that would make Toucan a better utility than it already is, so I hope it gets a look.

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looks like I didn't reply to this one, sorry. Indeed I'll see what I can incorporate from SyncToy, although it'll probably go into the 1.3 series of releases as I am kind of wrapping up the 1.2 release at the moment


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Selecting folders and files to sync

One other thing that Toucan could do better would be to allow selection of folders and files into a "collection" kind of sync or backup (beyond what filters can do). So you can have different collection to back up different things, we can choose which of the items to backup from a list of "collections"

For example, one may want to save all pictures into one location and then other location for videos. Or another scenario may be one location for home stuff and another for work stuff. etc.

It would be also great to have the mirror function without deleting like the Sync Toy. It allows differential backup and allows you to sync, for example; left to right but without deleting. (i.e. just adding new files)

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Portable & Recycle Bin

I don't believe the point should be accepted. Not leaving anything behind in the PortableApps context means nothing unintended or behind-the-scenes/unknown to the user and nothing affecting system configuration (debatable) or the registry. Writing to a local drive at the user's direction doesn't disqualify the app as portable. Would a portable word-processor be prohibited from writing to a local drive?

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