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how to make PortableFirefox not saving any temporary files or some other stuff on host operating system?

And is there any working method to make PortableFirefox running completely in read-only mode? Perhaps except bookmark-manager Wink

I want to make sure not leaving any traces in operating system i ***used*** to start PortableFirefox.

***) Is PortableFirefox linked statically?
Really running stand-alone?

Tips and tricks are appreciated.


rellimdr (not verified)
This is the whole point

This is the whole point behind portable firefox.

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Only 1 file

Only a single file is left behind on the host operating system. a plugin registry. This can be alleviated by creating a userprofile directory within your portablefirefox directory. The one side effect is that when clicking Desktop in File Open or Save, you'll get a Desktop not found error. (This can be partially alleviated by creating a Desktop directory within the userprofile directory). This is mentioned under Known Issues in support. All apps that leave a trace file are detailed under Known Issues.

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agent orange (not verified)
Thanks for that great hint

Thanks for that great hint which I only now realized. It works perfectly!
Kind regards, ao

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