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After Starting Thunderbird from the menu, ThunderbirdPortable.exe is still running.
Is this normal? When looking at Firefox, it's not like that.

I tried to restart Thunderbird to see if it was just a one time show off, but not - ThunderbirdPortable.exe is still hanging as a process after starting Thunderbird.exe

I'm running version

John T. Haller
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Has to

It needs to stick around and clean things up.

The Firefox launcher won't do that if Firefox is already installed locally.

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When I try to launch

When I try to launch ThunderbirdPortable from the PAM for the first time (after I put the USB Stick in) it launches ThunderbirdPortable.exe, then just hangs. In the Task Manager 'Processes' tab it is running, but it pegs my CPU at 99 and Thunderbird.exe never launches.

After I kill that process and relaunch TBPortable from the PAM everything works fine. I have tested this on both my home (laptop) and work (desktop) PCs with the exact same result.

Any ideas?

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Maybe your download was corrupted.

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I don't think that is it,

I don't think that is it, unless the copy that John has on the server itself is corrupted.. I've downloaded it and installed it twice with the same result.

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