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TuxPaint Portable 0.9.17 Pre-Release (Testers Needed)

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John Bentley
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TuxPaint Portable 0.9.17 Pre-Release (Testers Needed)

TuxPaint is a paint program for kids. This little wrapper makes it save to the app dir instead %APPDATA%.

Download Link:
(Link is temporary.)

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Works great under Wine

I am using the latest version of Wine, under Sabayon Linux 3.4e.

BTW: If I can get my hands on enough portable educational apps, I would like to add this to an Edutianment Edition of my Suites.

Also this app is SOOOOOOOO fun so I think I will install it on my computer, eventhough I am 14.

As all of ya should know Micro$oft is the Evil Empire, and Windows (a.k.a. Winblows or Windoze) is their greatest general, so please make a difference and install Linux or FreeBSD on yer Windows comp.

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