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I've tried to setup a Mac-on-Stick on a windows xp (ntfs) system but get the error message "unable to locate rom image".
The rom image is in the same folder as the mini vmac.
I followed the "getting started"on

Has somebody any experience with setting up Mac-on-Stick in a windows os and can give some advice?



randomgoon (not verified)
Me too

I get the same error as well. Grrr

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Google Advanced

lol, ;). I really do think that there should be a sticky on posting rules, including a warning about the 'disapearing' search box. We could include a link to Google Advanced Search there, for when there's really heavy traffic and the thing disapears. Google worked perfectly for me when I tested it to see how well it could serve :). I wonder if John would let me write a sticky up for him? I'll ask him later...

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I have an image...

I have a zipped image that I made, just download it! It contains all the stuff you will need to emulate! The zipped folder contains:

1. Install 1.image
2. Install 2.image
3. Tidbits.image
4. Fonts.image
5. Printing.image
6. HFS24M.dsk
7. vmac.rom
8. Mini vMac (this version is for Mac...make sure you already have Mini vMac for Windows installed (that's all you will need to do yourself!))

This setup has the install images for SYSTEM 7.0.1! In the above list, the ".image" files are the disks. When the installer asks for disks labeled "Install 2", "Fonts", "Printing", and "Tidbits", drag the appropriate ".image" file onto the Mini vMac window.

Enjoy! I hope this helps.


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