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The situation involving the official builds of X-Chat 2 is irritating and is probably why there is not a portable X-Chat 2, however, little of significant consequence has really been improved in the software apart from interface details, mostly simplification and prettification.

However, the old builds of X-Chat, such as 1.8.10 have all the main functions, follows the RFC specs, is SSL/TLS capable, and can in fact be installed onto a USB key in a folder inside PortableApps folder and work instantly without any modification. I know that the version has known security issues, but it can hide it's version response.

It would be preferable if a launcher could be made for, for example, the build but this provides those of us who wish for a competent, free irc client to run off a USB key that leaves no traces on the machine it runs on.

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You should use the Search on

You should use the Search on the site as this is and has been discussed in other threads.

Nice to see you around Wink

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It's now in beta. Let me know how it goes.

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