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Sync functionnality not working very well

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Sync functionnality not working very well

Toucan is a nice app, but the sync function doesn't seems to work properly. I have a folder with many files on my local drive. I have made a mirror to my usb key, and everything was correct. When I click on "mirror" few seconds later, all the files are ready to be copied again to my usb key (I have checked "retain attributes"), but all the files are identical so they should not be updated (mirror). I tried with "update" function, and no file was displayed (which is correct). I have reversed the folders (source=usb key, dest=local folder), and that time, the "update" function displayed all the files to be updated... but they are identical. It could be nice if "mirror" would copy only updated files, and would remove any additional files in the destination folder. And the 'update' function to work in both ways without any difference (if there is no file in one way, it should normally have no file to update in the other way too).

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this has been changed in 1.2 which should be put into pre-release in the next couple of days.


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