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Difficulties running Open Office

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Difficulties running Open Office

I installed Portable Open Office on my Jumpdrive and have noticed that it runs on certain computers and not on others. Sometimes I can directly click on the file I want to open and it executes perfectly. Other times, it just doesn't run or will not open files even if it recognizes it. Help!

John T. Haller
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Install Path

Where did you install it pathwise. It should be X:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable. Installing it into deeper directories can cause issues.

Also, what PCs does it have issues with? OS version? Java installed or not? Etc

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Last seen: 15 years 11 months ago
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I use it at a hospital where

I use it at a hospital where all of the CPUs are windows XP based. I reformatted my jumpdrive and reinstalled it in the directory you suggested. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you!

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Think about it...

... this will never work. Portable don't touch the local registry.
That's the reason why it will never start if You (double) click a file in the
explorer, cause it is not assigned to the filetypes for this windows machine.

If OOo starts after clicking a file in explorer then it will be the local copy of OOo, installed and registered for this filetype on this machine (or someone has registered the portable version for this typ).

In order to enable the clicking feature You have to use a file manager like Xenon.
There You are able to register filetypes for PortableApps.


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