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key scrambler

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key scrambler


what about making a portable version of Keyscrambler ?

Is this possible ?

Keyscrambler is :

KeyScrambler encrypts keystrokes in the kernel driver against known and unknown keyloggers.


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It needs admin rights, right?
And it is closed source.
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I believe the developers are

I believe the developers are looking into a portable solution due to the high level of interest.

As stated above though, since it's closed source and at the moment uses a kernel driver, we'll have to wait on the developers to come up with something.

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I think programs like this

I think programs like this must be Open Source to be serious.

Maybe I am wrong, but somewhere I found there website to be sold. Maybe I am really wrong, someone also found that while searching on google about the topic keyscrammbler?

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Revisiting request to make Key Scrambler portable

I searched to see if there were any requests and found this one entered well over 2 years ago.

Still no plans to make keyscrambler or some other similar program portable?

Being a knowledgeable but non-techie, I don't know if having a reliable portable key logging prevention program is doable.

Unless you use firefox to access the web where either no password is required or if required, it is a non security sensitive website, key logging becomes a serious issue. It would certainly be a major improvement in securing your sensitive keyed data within a portable environment.

I recently traveled for several months and for the 1st time took with me a CD with most of my portable app programs. I got tired of my USB getting infected and directories being "lost". Included on the CD was a non portable program keyscrambler. Using keyscrambler is somewhat limiting, because you have to re-install and add it back to firefox and reboot the PC on every PC you visit. This is not always possible for a number of reasons at internet cafes where most people would access the web.

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Closed source + kernel access = red flag

This topic raises a couple red flags. Kernel access is not something you grant to any piece of software that asks for it, that's pretty high level stuff.

Also being closed source, you can't see what it's doing, it might not be trustworthy. While any closed-source project makes open source fans wonder what they're hiding, in this case it's justified. offers a virtual keyboard which can be used to defeat software and hardware keyloggers. This key scrambling program cannot defeat a hardware keylogger because the logger gets to the data before this program does.

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virtual KB clarification

I am totally clueless regarding this subject so I can only read what written and hope it is correct information.
I don't mean to offend, but while you wrote that this virtual KB can be used to defeat software and hardware keyloggers, they write on their website the following,
Keylogger Note: While on-screen keyboards offer protection against hardware keyloggers, they do not offer protection against software keyloggers (which are far more common). They are primarily intended as an accessibility tool or for alternate means of text entry (pen-based computing, etc).

There appears to be a contradiction between the 2 statements.

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I'm gonna bump this because

I'm gonna bump this because I'm interested to see if anything has changed in this long while since this thread was active. I would really love to have a portable version of this, especially if I have to enter sensitive information on a foreign computer.

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Not likely.

A quick browse of the website seems to indicate it still requires the kernel level access, which seems to be a fundamental part of how it works.

Due to that requirement the original answer is not going to change.
It will not get an official release as long as that remains the case, would have to be a personal project.
One which you may have to consider yourself.

The project is likely to remain closed source otherwise offering an insight as to how to defeat the protection.

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