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Sunbird: What is the sdb calander file name in .03a?

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Sunbird: What is the sdb calander file name in .03a?

I want to be sure it is backed up. It does not seem to be named as it was in .02.

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Hi Bitman, I think you'll

Hi Bitman,

I think you'll find it in the profile folder and it's called storage.sdb

I haven't really used .03a much yet so I'd be interested to hear your feedback on it.


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It's worse than .02 -

It's worse than .02 - reminders don't work at all. I've given up on it, especially as the DB may not be converted back to .02.

I'm now looking for a calander program to use outside of thunderbird. The sunbird project seems to be stalled. It's pretty sad that there is not a decent calander available from mozilla - there's plenty of open source ones out there that work on linux and could be easily converted. It makes things very difficult for a serious user and makes going back to outlook attractive again.

Someone mentioned that PIM???somethng is ok.

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Actually, it's being reborn as Lightning and has been progressing on that route. Sunbird has stalled, yes. I think, after Lightning is released, there won't be much call for Sunbird.

If you're unfamiliar with Lightning, it is an integrated calendar extension that will work with Thunderbird. It's what the calendar is becoming and actually appears as an integrated solution when installed (instead of just a menu option like with the current one). The 0.1 release is coming real soon (it was scheduled for Feb but fell behind).

You can find the roadmap and nightly builds on the Lightning project page.

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Lightning 0.1 released today

Lightning 0.1 released today. Any news on PTB 1.5? I am reluctant to use the beta as long as I don't have to. Lightning requires 1.5 or greater.. Thanks for all the good work!

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Lightning 0.1 Installed in PTB 1.5

Seems to install and work just fine. Even if PTB is a beta version it seems to not have any initial issues.

Keep in mind that we are entering a period of time where software, especially open source is continually being improved and updated for security, bugs, improvements, enhancements, or just plain cool stuff.

Keep your programs updated and backed up on any computer with any software, portable or otherwise and you should be OK.

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