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Autopatcher shutdown

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Autopatcher shutdown

On the 29th of August, Autopatcher, the offline Windows Update tool, was shut down by a "cease and desist" order from Microsoft layer's.

Autopatcher has always been a complete package for anyone who wanted to keep their PC up to scratch. It includes not only Windows updates, but the latest versions of flash player, Shockwave, Java, and many other add-ons and tweaks that improve system performance.

Be sure to support Autopatcher through this time, and sign the petition found here,

And place your digg here,

Any comments for the Autopatcher team can be left at

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For those that are sad

For those that are sad Autopatcher is gone, try this script to download hotfixes. I changed the code to actually run the patches on the local machine and not slipstream them into a CD for installation.

Another idea would be to download the MBSA and download the patches it calls out then run them. This method also bypasses WGA AFAIK (one of the points of Autopatcher).

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