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Pidgin: Connection problems (MSN)

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Pidgin: Connection problems (MSN)

Hi all,

I'm trying to use PidginPortable (from now on "PP") at work to get on the MSN IM network. I know this is possible because Windows Messenger works fine on the work machines, and also I've gotten TrillianAnywhere configured and working too.

PP seems to run fine itself - it's just not connecting to the server (I can't log in). Now my work set up is a bit perculiar - almost all internet access is firewalled, except for two things. Firstly, there's a web proxy. And secondly, I have completely free access to port 1863 (I know - they firewall everything off then leave this gaping hole open - I use 1863 for all sorts of stuff now). If you don't recognise the significance of 1863 - thats the port used for MSN IM (server settings =

Ive checked the TrillianAnywhere settings, and they correspond to what I've set up in PP. The only hint at what might be the problem is a post in the MirandaPortable forum ( For MSN connections in MirandaPortable, you need SSL installed (such as OpenSSL), or as that post mentions you can download the 3 separate .DLLs and copy them in manually.

Could I be having a similar problem with PP? I notice there are already a few DLLs with PP that mention "ssl" in the filename.

I'm going to try MirandaPortable now and see if that works at all for me (It didnt work a few months ago when i tried, but I didnt know about the SSL issue back then either). I'll reply to this post and let you know the outcome, but PP is my preferred client.

(PS "TrillianAnywhere" is just a portable version of Trillian - not a "PortableApps" one though).