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OpenOffice Portable on Flash and Hard Drive?

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OpenOffice Portable on Flash and Hard Drive?


I am completely new to flash drives. I would like to put the "portable" OpenOffice Suite on my flash drive. Is there any reason why I cannot unzip and place the same "portable office suite" files on both the flash drive and the hard drive and run the same suite from both? The idea would be to create something that would run equally on both.

Oh... In installing the portable office suite, can you tell me... Is this as in the "old DOS days" in a sense? You could copy a full application dir from one place to another then merely click the *.exe to run the program.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, that's my understanding.

Yes, that's my understanding. For the portable apps, they don't use the registry, etc., just local configuration files that can be accessed via relative paths.

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