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internet service!!

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internet service!!

list your internet provider and connection type/speed.


Provider: Comcast communications

type: Cable over Ethernet Modem

Speed: Actual, 1.5 Mbps, Modem, 100Mbps


Type: DialUp

Speed: Do i even have to say?

(Just another stupid thing to occupie 5 minuts of our lives!!)

José Pedro Arvela
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My damn slow internet service

Provider: PT Comunicações

type: DSL over router

Speed: 1 2 Mbps, according to them; 100kbps according to me on my bad wiring

Service: SAPO ADSL

Type: Wireless Router set up to be Wired (DialUp before I get tired of that)

Speed: Said it before, I'm not going to repeat myself Wink

(Just to talk badly of my current internet provider Wink )

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José Pedro Arvela
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Seems that

Seems that my slowish connection is due to bad wiring. I will see if take care of it.
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I am satisfied with mine

Provider: Comcast
Type: Cable
Speed: IMNS but it is pretty good

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Provider: AOL (at 50 bucks a month)

type: Dial up

Speed: 2-18 kbs (with alot of "Too many people are on, so screw you!" type of messages)

Provider: PeoplePC ($15 a month!)

Type: Dial up

Speed: (when swiched) 16-19 kbs (after our 56k modem got struck by lightning, replaced, struck by lightning again, replaced with the same model, upgraded and surge protected for obvious reasons) 26-35 kbs!!!

So in all, PeoplePC is great (for dial up...). Just upgrade your drivers and use the built in web accelator (set to level 3 or 4).
But, it still is dial-up. Sergentsiler, maybe you should join the PoeplePC network (it's way better than net-zero's 15 kbs speed).
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