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Formulas symbols not showing

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Formulas symbols not showing

When I make a formula with math or insert a formula into a doc the symbols (=, * etc) don't show normally. I get weird symbols, like houses or something.
Also when I go to the different types of bullets (not numbers) except for the first two types, they all show as that box you get when a character is not on a font table...
Why is this? How can I fix this?

P.S. Is there any difference between a 'master doc' and 'write' doc?

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Formula Symbol Fix

I have managed to get Portable Math to work without a local copy of OpenSymbol font installed and registered on the host computer.

I created a directory called fonts in the following share directory:


Within the fonts directory - create a directory called truetypes

Your path should now look as follows:


In this directory I copied the OpenSymbol font: opens___.ttf

I retrieved the \fonts\truetypes\opens___.ttf. You can get this from your local installation of OOo.

And now I have Math in full operation on my my USB drive.

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