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PortableApps Requirements

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PortableApps Requirements

I am trying to find a place to start in order to run applications I as portable. How can you check to see if a program meets the PortableApps requirements as far as files or registry entries being left behind on the host computer? (i.e. software that checks to see if settings on a computer has been changed, etc.) Where do you look to see if files or registry entries are created on a host computer? Is there any software that can help to make a regular application portable? Thanks in advanced for any information you have that can lead me in the right direction.

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For monitoring files that

For monitoring files that get saved to the local HD I recommend using Sandboxie.

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Other software

Just for completeness, rather than to start a religious war or something, I've seen other people swear by InstallWatch, and still others by Regshot. Some people like to use the Sysinternals Process Monitor in addition to the above.

Google can find them for you.


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