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FileZilla: Viewing remote files downloads them to C:

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FileZilla: Viewing remote files downloads them to C:


I'm using FileZilla Portable 1.4 on USB with Win2k and configured the "File Viewing / Editing" to use Scite Portable. Thanks to your article "FileZilla Portable Support", this was rather easy. Viewing local and remote files works without a problem.

However I noticed, that viewing a remote file seems not to have changed from FileZilla: the file is still downloaded to a windows directory for temporary files (in my case to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\ ).

Of course I would like much more to see it using the USB (or even better the RAM) for that, because I would think this leaves data on the host computer. So my question is, is this intended or did I miss something?

Manfred Staudinger