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AbiWord with vista?

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AbiWord with vista?

Is Abiword compatible with Vista? because on the Abiword page in Application it said, System Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

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Yes, AbiWord is compatible.

Yes, AbiWord is compatible. There may be a bug with displaying help files, though.

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Here's a trick for EVERYONE

When you have a pre-vista application that doesn't want to run correctly (Audacity comes to mind) Find the exe file, then right click on it. It will have the standard "properties" selection. In the compatability tab, click on the "run in compatability mode for" and select "xp service pack 2"

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Slow loading

Has anyone else experienced extremely slow loading under Vista. Launching AbiWord under Vista on a WD USB HD takes between 30 and 45 seconds for me.

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i feel ya mine took 3.2 seconds a mean come on!

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