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PortableAppMenu Doesn't Do Anything!

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PortableAppMenu Doesn't Do Anything!

I've installed the PortableAppsSuite onto my 2g USB drive successfully... I see the directories, and everything looks good. When I plug it into my computer, Windows even asks to launch the Autostart... however, when I launch it, all I see is a flash of the dos command window and then... nothing. No error, no menu, no nothing!

I couldn't find anything on the site about this (I wasn't really sure how to search for nothing, though... so if I missed anything please point the way!)

Hoping for some insight?



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The cmd window shouldnt pop up.
What about file /drive corruption?
Verify the md5 sum and make sure you dont have a corrupt download.
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Launch directly

Can you launch StartPortableApps.exe directly from the root of the drive?

If so your autorun.ini file might be messed up. Or, it might be the computer, try on another pc.

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md5 is fine, and nothing will launch from anywhere

I uninstalled and re-installed, this time checking the md5, which was fine. I tried launching StartPortableapps.exe and a number of others -- nothing happens except that command window.

I get this:


I'm going to uninstall again, format the drive, and try the PortableApps lite... maybe that will work!

Anyone have any other ideas?

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Drive / Corruption

Issues like that are always due to drive issues or corruption. Install the software to a LOCAL drive, ensure it works, then try copying it to the problematic external drive.

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