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Add Feature to Menu - User Friendly Error Log & Debug version

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José Pedro Arvela
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Add Feature to Menu - User Friendly Error Log & Debug version

How about supporting user friendly error logs. Many people says that PAM is not working, and few people know how to identify which error is, being unable to solve it (see example). PAM already has a error log. But this isn't user friendly, and the error windows doesn't inform where the error log is (according to the comments on the forum).

My idea is to add to PAM a user friendly error log. If it crashed, this would inform the user with a pop-up. This pop-up would ask the user additional information, create a log called PAMerror.log localized on PAM main directory (".\PortableApps\PortableAppsMenu", being the dot [.] where PAM is installed), and inform the user to post the new error log (informing where it is localized) at the Menu Forum.

The error log would have a structure like this: Menu error log

Date: [dd]/[mm]/[yyyy]
Platform: [the platform where the error occurred]
[errors occurred, those programming lines that almost nobody know what they mean]
User comment:
[comments added by the user when the menu crashed (if any)]

Every time that a new error occurred, PAM would add it to the existing error log (or create it if there wasn't none yet). Then, if a user has a problem, he can just copy and paste his error log into the forum, being easily corrected by any programmer.

Another possibility is also a PAM debug version, available to download as a separate application. This one would also print the errors together with the original crash message every time they occur, and show any error (that crashes the menu or not) on the error log.

Changelog (yes, it is a log Biggrin ):

14/09/2007/few minutes later - checked the forums, and noticed that PAM already has error logs, but nobody knows where they are. Updated the forum thread for "User friendly error logs & debug version" because users know where they are and can easily understand how they are structured.

14/09/2007 - Original idea. Adding error logs support to PAM and a debug version.