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Hide EXE's from Portable Apps Menu

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Hide EXE's from Portable Apps Menu


is there a way to hide exe files from portable apps menu? I have many exe files in the PortableApps Folder but only a few should be shown in the Menu.

Thanks for answers

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Please search first

as this has been answered many times...
In the official Menu there is no possibility to hide exes bur there are mods where you can.
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Hiding Menu Items

I have only done this with OpenOffice, but you can rename all the .exe files you don't want to .bak or just delete them. I only say this because you can choose new file or open in the menu and it will open the proper program for the file.

Here is the best I could find during search.

Rather than converting a .bat file to .exe as described in this link, you could use NSIS to make your own launcher. Don't ask me how, I just know it's possible.

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