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Screen Capture Utility

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Screen Capture Utility

Any suggestions for a portable screen capture utility other than MWSnap?

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Deskscan is what I use

I use Deskscan: Not as feature rich as some out there, has only full screen or selection copy. It can also interact with you scanner, if you have one.

I have no problems with it though.

"Portable Software: Just the beginning..."

Portable Software: Just the beginning.

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Anything specific you want

Anything specific you want that the "Print Screen" key won't do for you?

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screen shoot it

i use screen shoot it, as far as i know it writes no registry entries or leaves any files behind.

zip version- (direct link)

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I am testing MWSnap 3.00 ( It seems very flexible and allows captures of the whole desktop or of a selected area only.

According to the author "MWSnap does not require installation and does not need any special dlls, drivers or system files which can mess up your system." It does save its settings to the register.

grizzlybear (not verified)
Very small screen shot utility

I have been using a very small screen shot utility (~450kb) called ShotGenius which you can find here ( This app was developed by the creator of ZipGenius. It is a single file that does not install. It does come with an Italian lang.txt file that if you omit will produce an english version of the program. Just run and it sits in your system tray. Configuration is very easy by right clicking on the tray icon. Once done, just close the program, no trace is left behind other than any screen shots that you night have saved on the host computer (you can manually select where you want to put the files). I occassionally need a screen shot utility and found this very handy. BTW, it is free as well.


iMartin (not verified)
Try FastStone Image Viewer

Try FastStone Image Viewer 2.30 from

It is an excellent Image Viewer and very sophisticated image capture program. You can capture windows, seected areas and full screen.

And runs no problems from a USB stick.


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oh my god. this software is

oh my god. this software is total dope. Im addicted to it withing 5 minutes. GODLY. Awesome. FREE! I love this stuff.

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From the creator of

From the creator of TaskSwitchXP: WinSnap:

(I'm not 100% sure if it's portable) :/

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grizzlybear (not verified)
Looks promising but....

Looks promising but according to a discussion on the forum at (, the program uses the registry. I think they are trying to convince the developer to drop the use of the registry for storing settings and opt for the good old INI file. Hopefully the change will be made because it looks like a nice little program.

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I love minimalist program,

I love minimalist program, and this one is really tiny:,fid,23220,00.asp

not a lot of features, but do its job...

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I like this one as well but the settings are stored here:

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Try ScreenRip32 (very old, but works)

ScreenRip32 (SRip32.exe) from is one of my oldest applications on my PC/Cruzer. Have used it since Win95~NT~2K and now XP.
A basic screen capture program that is freeware and standalone. It has this unique feature that gives you an option of a 10 sec delay before capturing a window or screen. Just nice for showing off the pull-down windows.

You might have to google for it though.

Cruzing away with a Cruzer1Gb

Cruzing away with a Cruzer1Gb

StevenT (not verified)
Another possible option is Snippy

Seems similar to ShotGenius.
Simple 84kb executable, no installation of files on the computer.
Saves images to the clipboard, and if you capture an image from IE, it will also add the website link (unfortunately no similar function for Firefox).

Found here:

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IrfanView is the best

I suggest you use the excellent and *free* IrfanView program.
It will run quite happy on a USB stick.

All you need is the i_view32.exe file

Install the program into a Windows PC and extract the above file.

It's also a *damn good* image viewer.

You'll find the screenshot function by running the program and pressing C

It's got lots of options!

Stuart Halliday

Stuart Halliday

Rob Loach
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If you don't mind using a .NET application, I've put together ScreenCap, a simple system tray utility that saves screenshots of just the current window or the whole screen when you press a key. The settings are saved in an XML file in the application directory.

Rob Loach [Website] [Projects]

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Check this program at

It's small (200kb), sits in system tray, various option to tune (full screen capture, active window, area, custom hotkeys, etc.) and to play with Smile

And, it's completely portable (just enter relative path where it should store your snapshots), and voila!!

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I haven`t managed to set up

I haven`t managed to set up WackGet with proxy server. On File>Preferences on Proxy tab I can type server, but what about port? Maybe it should be set something like 8080 (for server)??? I haven`t actually tried, but I want to know for the next time (I can try it out in my faculty, next week).

the just the beginning

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Open Source Possibility

I can't say this is a portable app, but it looks like a really nice screen capture program. It's Open Source and in need of developers, so maybe someone can turn this into a full-fledged portable app:

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My favorite screen capturing app is cropper, it's the best one I have used, though it requires .NET platfrom installed. It keeps working after re-installing windows so, I assume it doesn't store it's configuration files in registery, though I could be wrong.

EDIT: here is the link for Cropper AND you can make it portable by just making a file "cropper.portable" in it's directory.

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FastStone Capture is now

FastStone Capture is now portable. Great Wink

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Hmmm I must be doing something wrong then

I just use the Prt Scr button, or if I'm feeling really daring Alt & prt Scr

I thought that unless you were trying to capture DVD screenshots, this was all that was required?

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Portable GIMP can take a

Portable GIMP can take a shot from the clipboard (i.e. using the PrintScrn button). Just a reminder. Blum


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Yeh, this has been sorta addressed in irfanview ctrl+F11 Wink

Yeh, these posts are a year ago ;))

But still... this applies Wink

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